Design the logo for Strong Planet

Design  for : Strong Planet – Planeta Fuerte

Hello everyone

I want to create a space on my website for you and  to participate with your opinions and ideas, the purpose is to raise awareness and create an informative dynamic and even actions that help us be consistent with our planet, protect it, take care of it, love it.

As is well known, we constantly abuse and pollute with our habits and consumption without worrying about the consequences.

I have thought that a good way to initiate this project is by proposing that you participate in the logo design for this space.

Therefore encourage you to collaborate, create and design the image that best defines the purpose of this space.

The name is: Strong Planet-Planeta Fuerte.


I will publish the logos that you send me and also your names if it seems good to you, otherwise indicate it.

I will choose one of them for my space. And I may make a small modification without affecting the original much. The image that best suits my idea of ​​this page, its content and its purpose, will be chosen.

The person making the chosen logo will have 30 minutes of strengthening in private consultation.

Delivery date will end on 09-30-2019

Thank you  for participating and especially if you are really interested in this plant, our Earth, to enjoy healthy and give us its strength.


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