How is an energy consultation?


The aim in a consultation is resolve the problem or problems which you are flighting. Be flighting means increase the problems.

What I do is connect with the person (energetically) to detect where the unbalance is through feeling and intuition to get the correct answer for your problem. Knowing the correct answer means resolve the problem and get in balance. It happens automatically.

At this point each person with the energy in balance and strong will resolve his own problems, your physical intelligence will do the correct to restore your healthy because the answer has been known.

I do not give medicines, there is no physical contact. Nothing. Just look for the correct answer.

Different consultations.

You can check products to know which consultation is better for you. Any way there are some specifications.
The consultation is 55 minutes.
For example, if you want to resolve a single issue. Maybe financial issues, or be coaching for sport, depression, how ever it is, use to be needed two or three consultations. Why? it is simple, you need to be in balance with the rest of your goals and life. I mean, you want to be the best in tennis, yes, it is ok, but also, my experience says, you need to be strong with money, relationship and all that  success involve. It is not possible be the best in tennis and weak in money. Not sense.

To solve health problems, strengthens are usually spectacular. At the very moment you will feel the changes.
On the other hand, when you have different problems, a pain, bad feeling about family…. We can resolve between 3 and 5 problems depending on the person.

There are multiple options. Including when the person needs only resolve a small problem, it could be 25 minutes.



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